Branding for the Island Jam Company

It's always exciting to help new brands go to market. When a new jam, marmalade and chutney producer on the Isle of Wight approached Bate Brand to work on their branding, we were keen to get stuck in.

What's in a name?

As designers and brand experts we know that creating the right business name is everything in establishing your unique business identity.

The range of preserves is designed for sale on the Isle of Wight only, aimed at locals but also at visiting tourists who often take home local produce. After a consultation with the client, it became clear that the name had to reflect the brand's artisan, handmade origins while being indicative of its Isle of Wight roots.

'The Island Jam Company' was born.



Branding for the Island Jam Company



The name and logo itself is memorable, simple, but blatantly evocative of where the jams are produced.

For tourists, this adds tremendous value. It is an exclusively 'Isle of Wight' product that cannot be replicated elsewhere. For competitors, the name is a 'stamp' of superiority that separates the brand as the Island's jam manufacturer. In other words, the manufacturer of choice for consumers and businesses Island-wide.


The labels

Stocked in local farm shops and popular tourist attractions all over the Island, the labels had to pass the crucial 'shelf test'. The Bate Brand team immediately started competitor research and created this:


Branding for the Island Jam Company

The labels are contemporary and understated in design, with text formed in traditional, almost hand-written fonts that mimic the handmade quality of the product. The labels are an off-white shade, again reflecting the natural flavours and artisanal elements of the brand. To stand out in retailers, the words Blackberry, Hedgerow, Strawberry, Blueberry & Apple, Rhubarb & Ginger and Raspberry are all highlighted in a flavour-matching colour on each label. On the edges of each label, a small colour-matched Isle of Wight shape reminds the buyer - and potential recipient - that the jams are made on the Island.



Ideal for promotional materials and social media, we captured some creative lifestyle shots of the products in our professionally equipped photography studio. Lifestyle shots help define your brand identity, situate your products in a practical context and provide potential customers with an atmospheric visual of your product.


Branding for the Island Jam Company


The Island Jam Company jams are sold in popular attractions, and local suppliers, across the Isle of Wight and we're pleased to hear that they have received fantastic feedback from stockists and customers since launching! Watch this space for new flavours, and a selection of chutneys and marmalades coming soon!


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