Design AND wine – it's not often we get a dream project...

In autumn 2016, the Bate Brand team was delighted to begin work rebranding Adgestone Vineyard, an award-winning vineyard based on the picturesque Isle of Wight.

Founded in 1968, Adgestone is the oldest continuously operating commercial vineyard in England with 10 acres of land. Having cemented an unrivaled reputation for their locally made wine on the Island, Adgestone felt it was time to undergo a major rebrand that would comprise refreshed advertising material, a logo redesign and a crucial restyling of the wine label.

The Objective

Bate Brand was briefed to create a fresh, contemporary image for Adgestone that is both modern and elegant. The branding had to be up-market and reflective of the vineyard's heritage. Motivated by the prospect of working on an exciting project – as well as the thought of sampling some of Adgestone's award-winning wine – our talented designers got to work gathering inspiration, research and performing competitor analysis.

Design AND wine – it's not often we get a dream project...

An array of concepts from Bate's design team

The Solution

Rather than embark on an entire redesign, the team decided to build on Adgestone's existing logo by experimenting with font. The 'A' and 'g' fonts have remained similar, but the lines are smoother to create a professional look. It was decided that the word 'Vineyard' must be kept part of the logo as it alludes to the vineyard's history, reputation and services as a cafe, shop and B&B – serving as a hook for prospective visitors. 'Vineyard' is presented in a handwritten typeface that reflects the hand-crafted nature of Adgestone's wine and liqueur production – made with care, not just by machines. This clean evolution of the logo, along with the use of complementary fonts, maintains readability on all advertising materials and is recognisable for both locals and tourists alike.



Design AND wine – it's not often we get a dream project...

The Adgestone logo


To publicise Adgestone's spring/summer season, we tweaked the design and copywriting of the vineyard's tri-fold leaflet as well as introducing some well-designed mockups that featured the new wine labels. It's engaging, consistent and memorable.


Design AND wine – it's not often we get a dream project...

Adgestone's improved tri-fold leaflet


The perfect holiday souvenir or gift, Adgestone's Isle of Wight heritage is key to its success. Bate Brand's design team created a label that is minimal, stylish and clearly resembles its Island identity. As well as a successful range of liqueurs, Adgestone produces four popular English wines on-site: Dry Wight, Medium Wight, Rose Blush and Full Bodied Red. Each with a distinctive taste, the team came up with a label design that is simple and sophisticated yet reflects a high quality product.


Design AND wine – it's not often we get a dream project...

The labels use a pastel colour scheme that is classy and refined


Every brand re-launch needs an effective promotional strategy. Using our professionally equipped photography studio, our in-house photographer captured the bottles – complete with their freshly redesigned labels – to create product photos, creative 'styled' shots, and an interactive photo shoot featuring a model. High-quality, expertly shot imagery is essential for marketing materials, social media and general online content.


Design AND wine – it's not often we get a dream project...

Photo shoot featuring successful model Sinopa Rin in our professional studio


We've loved helping Adgestone with their rebrand and look forward to working with the vineyard more in the near future. We wish them the best of luck this summer!

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